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eyebrow styling


Your eyebrows largely determine your expression.

With me you can have your eyebrows professionally shaped, so you have the eyebrows that perfectly match your face. You can wax or tweeze your eyebrows. 

For waxing the eyebrows, upper lip and chin, the high-quality wax from Lycon is used, which gives you a silky soft and long result, without skin damage.

regular tint

Do you want fuller-looking eyebrows and eyelashes? Then you can have them tinted. 
tinted eyebrows and eyelashes give you a beautiful, facial expression (results last up to 4 weeks.)


Henna can also be chosen for tinting the eyebrows, this gives a more intense effect because the tint not only on the  catches hairs, but also stains on the skin. Henna can last up to 14 days on the skin and up to 6 weeks on the hair, depending on lifestyle and skin type.

Note: Henna can cause an allergic reaction​. To make sure you are not allergic to eyebrow henna, i advise to come and do an allergy test first.

You can make a special appointment for this, I will then apply a little bit of henna paste on your wrist. If you don't get an allergic reaction within 48 hours the treatment can be safely applied the next time.


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